Ghost Breath

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Ghost Breath has a delicious authentic flavour and an incredible head high. In this potent strain, earthy flavours are paired with sour, sweet lime, spice, and wood scents. The buds are pale in colour and thick.
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Ghost Breath is a one-of-a-kind sativa-dominant hybrid strain (85% sativa/15% indica) created by crossing the traditional Ghost OG and Mendo Breath F2 strains. Ghost Breath has a delicious traditional flavour and a mind-blowing head high. Sour, sweet lime, spice, and wood aromas are matched with earthy flavours in this powerful strain.

The buds are thick and light in colour. Ghost Breath has a flowery aroma with a citrus undertone. After lighting, you may notice a strong pine and earth scent that emits a dank odour. This strain has been compared to OG Kush with an orange twist. Ghost Breath is a hybrid indica/sativa strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors and is a THC dominant strain that has never been available as feminized seeds. 

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